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Roofing Systems

If you want to give your home style and make it stand out with amazing curb appeal, we offer a variety of shingle styles so you can customize your roof.




A new roof is more than just applying new shingles.  We deliver much more when you invest in our services.  We are a GAF approved MASTER ELITE Company.

Step 1:  We will remove the existing layer(s) of shingles and underlayment.

Step 2:  We inspect the wood sheathing and replace rotted or de-laminated wood as necessary.

Step 3:  We apply a protective layer of WINTERGUARD waterproof underlayment in the vulnerable areas of your roof (eaves, valleys, low slope areas, chimneys & skylights).  This ensures protection from ice

winterguard roofing md


Step 4:  We then apply Roofers’ Select high-performance underlayment over the entire roof.  This fiberglass reinforced felt resists wrinkling and tearing much more than traditional felt underlayment.

Step 5:  Our installers install a drip edge along the gable ends of your roof.

Step 6:  We give your roof proper ventilation by installing a Ridge Ventilation system along the top of your roof, which prolongs the life of your new roof.

Step 7:  We install the shingles of your choice.

Step 8:  We clean up and dispose of all debris.